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Forest School

CALMER Learning is a programme that delivers holistic learning and support to young people with an emphasis on innovative education and restoring wellness of mind and body. Our individually tailored program inspires learning through fun activities and encourages participation through discovery.

We believe that young people need more than Maths and English to be successful and that learning to be a positive and productive student, will lead to being a positive and productive person. We inspire young people to challenge the limitations set by society and conquer the obstacles of their economic background allowing them to take control of their future.


Our Ethos: Inspiration Leads to Aspiration


How will young people benefit from this program?


Learn important life skills

Discover and develop new talents

Learn how to set and achieve goals

Improve self-esteem and self-confidence

Develop and enhance communication and social skills

Learn how to participate and be productive

Learn how to restore and look after their physical and mental well-being

Learn how to overcome challenges and build resilience

Relieve stress

Associate learning with having fun


How will we deliver this program?



Inspiring learning through fun, enjoyable activities, stimulating creativity and motivating imaginations to thrive.

Challenging traditional classroom concepts through an innovative teaching approach that creates a conducive environment for effective and therapeutic learning to occur.



Conquering “The Classroom Status Quo” by continuously adapting teaching methods to ensure young people have the most positive and productive learning experiences.


CALMER Learning consists of six essential areas designed to give maximum experiences in a short amount of time. Each area will challenge many aspects of the individual while simultaneously revealing natural talents otherwise unknown.


These areas are:


Culinary – Cooking can be a creative outlet that has many benefits. It's a way to express emotions through a different medium and help build mastery in a skill. The process encourages focus, which can be a positive escape from anxiety, stress, worry and negative thoughts. It teaches you the importance of nutrition and allows you to be aware of what you’re putting in your body. Time spent in the kitchen with others develops and improves communication and social skills while encouraging team participation. Cooking is self-care that takes simple ingredients and transforms them into something delicious that feeds body and spirit.


Art  – The visual arts is a wholesome outlet for emotional release and creative expression. It is a therapeutic way to express your emotions without words, process feelings and explore ways to find relief. The visual arts are very valuable in treating issues such as depression and anxiety, reducing stress and unfounded fears and relaxing the mind and body. Creating art affords the opportunity to slow down, recognize and acknowledge any negative thoughts and feeling that have been lurking in the mind. This focuses on the process of creativity rather than the final product. It’s an enjoyable activity that promotes self-esteem, which improves self-appreciation and self-confidence.


LEGO© Based Learning – Playing with LEGO© promotes social interaction, turn-taking skills, sharing and collaborative problem solving. It can be used to target goals around social skills, language, dexterity and motor skills. It encourages creativity and stimulates imagination through role-play which is vital to young mind’s development. Most importantly, it’s fun!


Music – Music Inspires. Music comforts. Music Heals. Music provides a unique variety of experiences imperative to mental well-being. It affords a positive outlet for stress, helps children cope with emotional turmoil and boosts self-confidence. It facilitates the natural development of cognitive, sensory and fine motor skills while simultaneously building and strengthening inept or poor communication and social skills. Music can be exciting and highly motivating yet calming and relaxing but no matter what it’s always fun!


Exploration – We use virtual reality to transport the viewer anywhere on our extraordinary planet and learn what makes our world so incredible. Be immersed in the most extreme environments from traversing a mountain cliff to the cockpit of a fighter jet soaring through the sky. Exploration will intrigue curiosity and stir a desire for discovery.


Recreation – Leisurely activities such as gardening, sport, fitness and exercise, puzzle building and playing strategy games are a fun way to unwind and encourage positive mental well being.

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