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"I grew up in East London and went to primary school in Poplar. This is where I met Jackie, she was my teacher, so I've known Jackie for some years. I have many happy memories of school and of Jackie on school trips etc. I was very lucky, my Mum and family always told me I could be the best in anything I did and were always behind me all of the way, in good times and bad. I have gone on to do the one thing I love - playing football. I'm very lucky, but some kids are not so lucky. This is where Jackie and her charity ‘It’s Your Life’ come in. They support those kids that haven't got people behind them, telling them they can be the best they can be and to go on and do wonderful things with their lives.

To Jackie and her team - Keep up the great work".


- Ashley Cole, Footballer

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It's Your Life

The Glasshouse

161 Old Ford Road


E2 9QB

CEO Jackie Barnes BEd. FRSA 

Phone: 020 3754 0185


Registered Charity No: 1116802

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Trustees: David Lewis, Melanie Sherwood, Foyez Rahim & Brian Thomas