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It's Your Child's Life 2Gether

Our 'It’s Your Child’s Life 2Gether' course will provide holistic support to both the parents/carers and the child, supporting them to ensure their children’s early years (22-36 months) are full of learning, laughter and opportunity for all. The course outline is detailed below.
Our very successful 'It’s Your Child’s Life' course has been delivered for the past 12 years in schools in Tower Hamlets, Liverpool, Knowsley, Newham, Greater Manchester and Norfolk.

100% of parents have said they would recommend the course to other parents, but following feedback on how we could improve the course, many said "We wish we had been able to do this course when our children were even younger". Many parents told us that often courses in Children’s Centres were invite only and nursery provision at age 2 is not available for everyone.

Following this feedback we developed our It’s Your Child’s Life 2Gether course for families.

This will combine support for the child’s early learning and development alongside supporting parents own resilience and confidence.

  • 2Gether will improve learning outcomes for young children in poverty in Tower Hamlets by empowering parents to support their children’s early learning and development.

  • 2Gether encourages positive parental engagement at home and in the local community.

  • 2Gether is evidence based, innovative and involves joined up working.

  • 2Gether is rooted in family voice and families are involved in the innovation process by participating in the co-production of activities and with a planned consistent feedback approach.

Course Outline


Communication and Language

Games and activities to improve children’s listening, attention, understanding and speaking. Parents will have an understanding of what success is and what makes a successful person.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Strategies to promote wellbeing of both parents/carers and children. Practical tools to help build children’s confidence, self- esteem, manage behaviour, self- regulation.  Activities and games which help children to build relationships and develop empathy. Parents will have an understanding of how to build their own resilience.


Physical Development

Practical advice on sleep, routine, diet and exercise. Games and activities which promote the development of both gross and fine motor skills.

Reading, Writing and Number

Activities which help to develop a life-long love of reading and writing.  Fun ways to develop children’s comprehension.  Number games which develop a deep understanding of numbers 1 to 10, number bonds, number patterns. Parents will understand how to ensure their children are prepared to learn.


Expressive Arts and Design (Being Imaginative)

Activities which enable children to use media and materials to develop their imagination and understanding of the world.  Parents will have a bank of cost-effective ideas to help them to encourage independence.

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